Mercedes-Benz PCV Kit System

Mercedes-Benz PCV kit system

PCV System Kit - What You Need To Know

When do you need a new PCV system kit.

Your vehicle has numerous sensors and will diagnose and determine when there is an issue with the PCV system by notification of a Check Engine Light turning on.

What is the purpose of a PCV system and how it affects the vehicle.

The PCV (Positive Crank Case) system regulates the vacuum pull through its crankcase. If the PCV system is damaged or overused, it can lead to oil contamination, sludge build-up, oil leaks and higher than normal fuel consumption. This can also result into irrevocable engine damage.

What might be signs of a problematic PCV system.

You most likely will have a Check Engine light on. You may find that the engine may have misfiring at idle, spark plugs may be oily and notice some black smoke from the exhaust. You may find a greater than normal oil consumption.

What is the most common problem with PCV system.

The more common problem with PCV system issues is in the valve not being able to pull moisture out of the crankcase and PCV system which leads to sludge. The blockage of the sludge increases pressures in the crankcase forcing the hot oil to damage and leak by seals. But a forgotten culprit, and very noticeable in the Mercedes-Benz (M270 and M274) 4 cylinder engines is over filling the engine past the maximum level creating the beginnings of all you issues.

Here at NV Euro Motor Works, we pride ourselves in the smaller details and well at the large details in making sure issues like this does not arise for the future. We have the original Mercedes-Benz Xentry diagnostic computer to not only diagnosis Mercedes-Benz vehicles correctly but efficiently. We have ability to install all OEM Mercedes-Benz parts, program all modules and update software as per Mercedes-Benz factory specifications.

Written by Developer Autoshop