Bentley Repair in Markham, Ontario

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NV Euro Motor Works in Markham, Ontario, provides European auto repair expertise from experienced technicians with over 25 years of dealership-level knowledge. Our goal is to be the dependable alternative to a dealership by providing fair and transparent pricing in a clean and friendly environment equipped with the latest tools and equipment to service any European vehicle. Customers can leave their vehicles stress-free and secure overnight, knowing we keep them indoors. Since its opening in 2008, NV Euro Motor Works has remained dedicated to high-quality European auto repair for returning and new customers, particularly for Bentley repairs and maintenance.

High-Quality Techs for High-Quality Cars

As a Bentley owner, you want to ensure that your car gets the best possible care. And that means getting the best technicians in European auto repair. Not just anyone knows their way around under the hood of a Bentley, and only some people belong there. The highly experienced certified technicians at NV Euro Motor Works know just how important knowledge and skill are to you. Some of the most common repair jobs associated with Bentleys involve engine components. You don’t want just anyone working on your Bentley’s engine. Many complex repairs require specialized knowledge. One type of complex repair is adjusting the valve timing on an engine. This job requires knowledge of how different components interact with each other and careful calibration to ensure everything works correctly once completed. Another complex task is troubleshooting electrical issues that could involve fixing faulty wiring connections to replacing parts such as alternators or starter motors. Computer diagnostics are often necessary when dealing with issues related to sensors or control modules in modern Bentleys. These require special tools and software programs to diagnose problems accurately and find solutions quickly and efficiently. The good news is that our techs have the skills and tools to handle all your Bentley maintenance and repairs, no matter how complicated. Contact us today at 905-472-4242 to schedule your next appointment.

Bring Your Bentley to Us

At NV Euro Motor Works, our goal is to keep your Bentley running at its best. Our experienced technicians have the expertise and state-of-the-art technology required for a full range of repair and servicing options that meet manufacturer standards. We provide it all at a price you will like. Plus, with convenient online tools like recall searches and booking around your schedule – every customer can feel confident that their Bentley is getting tender-loving care. Visit us today at 80 Bullock Drive Unit 12 & 13 Markham, ON L3P 3P7 to ensure your Bentley gets the attention and care it deserves!