Mercedes-Benz Repair in Markham, Ontario

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs Since 2008

Experience Professional Mercedes Repair

At NV Euro Motor Works in Markham, Ontario, we have been providing customers with European car repair alternative solutions since 2008. Our highly-trained staff is passionate about ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering reliable preventative maintenance and repair services for Mercedes Benz and all European vehicles. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards to provide the best repair and maintenance services. With years of experience servicing German and other foreign models under our belts, you can trust your Mercedes will always be running at an optimal level! Visit us today or contact 905-472-4242 with any questions. Let’s ensure that your Mercedes is ready for whatever journey lies ahead! Contact us at 905-472-4242.

We Keep Your Mercedes in Harmony

Mercedes is a luxury car brand known for its high-end cars and SUVs. But like all vehicles, Mercedes cars need regular maintenance and repair work to keep them running in peak condition. Knowing what kind of repairs or modifications may be necessary from an auto repair shop for those who own a Mercedes can help keep your car in great shape. NV Euro Motor Works boasts two Mercedes Benz factory-trained master technicians with 40 years of combined experience. Utilizing genuine Mercedes-Benz diagnostic tools and knowledge to service, troubleshoot, and repair any vehicle issue, from routine maintenance like oil changes to performance upgrades or customizations. NV Euro can handle it all! As an experienced auto repair shop, we can help determine the types of upgrades and offer advice on what modifications are best for certain models. Some popular modifications include upgrading brakes or suspension components for improved handling, adding air intake systems for increased horsepower, installing exhaust systems for better sound, and improving fuel efficiency with ECU tuning software. Visit our shop today at 80 Bullock Drive Unit 12 & 13 Markham, ON L3P 3P7.

Stop in for Dependable Mercedes Service

No matter what kind of service you need for your Mercedes, we can do it. Whether it’s routine maintenance, repairs, or modifications, it’s important that you find an auto repair shop that can give you the best possible solutions. Our 12 and 24-month warranty backs our services. We offer competitive rates and tailored appointments and never proceed without customer approval or present any invoice larger than what we told you in advance! Plus, we focus on safety first while offering precise diagnoses from expert diagnostic techs who can efficiently handle even your most perplexing issues. Rest assured that we deliver the same high-quality workmanship as your local dealer at a more competitive rate! Keeping your beloved Mercedes running shouldn’t be a problem!